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We are an accredited testing laboratory with focus on testing the performance parameters of radiators, convectors and small air-conditioning units. We perform tests of radiators with thermal outputs from 200 to 3 500 W. Our testing laboratory uses two fully automated test rooms, thanks to which we are able to react very easily and promptly to our customers' requirements. The test rooms are among the most modern ones in Europe and their construction and measuring technologies meet the stringent requirements for accredited test rooms.

We hold the relevant accreditations, we have links to HLK Stuttgart reference laboratory and we are included in the list of the notified bodies that underwent the RRT covered by SG03-WG1 work group. We therefore meet all the requirements of the following articles of the standards: EN 442-2:2014 Annex J, EN 442-2:2014 Annex I.

Our Radiator Test Station has been included amongst the prestigious accredited test laboratories approved by DIN CERTCO (Reg. No. PL271). Our test reports can therefore be used to obtain this certification mark of quality. Marking your products with DIN Geprüft marks will enhance their credibility not only on the European market but also on the other markets worldwide.

Thanks to the cooperation with the certification body DIN CERTCO, in 2020 we were recognized as an accredited laboratory of the European RADMAC group, in accordance with all requirements for radiators, convectors and floor convectors with a fan according to test standards EN 442 and EN 16430. The European RADMAC Group is concerned with the harmonization of all voluntary quality labels for radiators in Europe. The individual certification bodies will accept our test reports and grant the manufacturers the certification marks listed in the program of the European RADMAC group. All this at reduced costs resulting from the combined visits and multiple measurements needed to cover all certification marks in the system.

To obtain one of the voluntary certification marks, please contact us and we will arrange access to the RADMAC program for you. Once you have completed the requirements of the RADMAC program (inspections and verification tests), you will receive the certification marks of each member body.

At present, we are able to perform accredited tests of the most types of radiators, such as: classic radiators, floor convectors, fan assisted radiators, ceiling mounted radiant panels, wall convectors, and chilled beams. The test room technologies are designed for measurement of radiators according to the following standards: EN 442, EN 16430, EN 14518, EN 15116, and EN 14037.

Description Conformity assessment according to directives
Construction products (CPR) EU no. 305/2011
Ecodesign of local heaters EU no. 1188/2015

The technology of the test chambers is adapted for the measurement of radiators according to standards:

Group of products Standard
Radiators EN 442
Trench heating EN 16430
Ceiling mounted radiant panels EN 14037
Chilled beams - active EN 15116
Chilled beams - pasive EN 14518
Ventilation for buildings - Chilled ceilings EN 14240

Test chamber according to EN 442

This standard applies to measurements of thermal output of the radiators with natural forced convection of air, which are arranged on / above the floor.

Test chamber according to EN 16430, EN 14037, EN 14518, EN 15116

This standard applies to measurements of thermal output and cooling capacity of the radiators with forced convection, installed in floors, or above. It also applies to floor convectors with natural convection.

The portfolio of our services also includes various ancillary services, with the aim of providing our customers with a comprehensive package that contains everything that is necessary for placing a product on the European market:


By cooperating with SZU, you will obtain comprehensive services, whereby the final product for you will be a certificate and a report on assessment of the performance of construction product (AVCP) according to System 3, attesting the quality of your product. Based on these documents, you will be able to directly issue the Declaration of Performance (DoP).

If you wish to know how we process the applications for a Conformity Assessment, here is the step by step approach, put briefly:

  1. Receipt of an application sent to our e-mail address.
  2. Person-to-person meeting (the best choice), at which the sample selection, quotation and other business matters are discussed. If necessary, all this can be dealt with via e-mail correspondence.
  3. Completion of an Application for Conformity Assessment Activities (we shall send it to you with all the essential elements pre-filled).
  4. Based on the Application, we shall draft a contract for assessment of the performance of products. This contract must be signed by the company representative authorised to negotiate and sign the contract.
  5. Once the contract is signed, proforma invoice settled and selected samples and documentation required for assessment of the performance of construction products are delivered, the tests, evaluations and examinations can follow.
  6. The results of evaluations that will lead to issuance of a certificate and of a report on assessment of the performance of construction product. In the case of a nonconformity having been found, it is necessary to arrange with the customer the procedure for correction of the defect.
  7. Settlement of a final invoice and delivery of all final documents to the customer's address.

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