Comprehensive services in areas of testing, inspection, certification and training.

About us

Our Engineering Test institute (SZU) is an internationally respected authority in the sector of testing, inspection and certification. We are a notified body of the European Union for assessment of conformity according to EU legislation. We are one of the trusted and recognized partners in the European and world markets, as evidenced by our active membership in the international association TIC Council. In addition to our expert qualifications, our main credential is our experience, comprehensiveness of the services we provide, and our flexibility. Whether you are a manufacturer, importer or exporter, we are ready to help you bring your products and services to the market. Likewise, we offer services to all who put into operation new technical equipment or already operate such equipment.

Knowledge and expertise are the prerequisites for competent entrepreneurship and we are proud that we are the ones, who are able to solve our customers' issues and who always give them the same answer: We know the way!

Vision of SZU

"Our vision is to be a leading European company in the field of testing, inspection and certification, that will be a strong and a stable partner to its customers and a sought-after employer."

Mission of SZU

"We are a trusted guide on your journey of growth and innovation, together we build a safe world."

Basic overview of offered services

Certification of products
EU Regulations
construction products (CPR) (EU) no. 305/2011 
gas appliances (GAR) (EU) 2016/426
personal protective equipment (PPE) (EU) 2016/425
national legislation
EU Directives
electrical low-voltage equipment (LVD) 118/2016 Coll. (2014/35/EU)
electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) 117/2016 Coll. (2014/30/EU)
water boiler efficiency (BED) 25/2003 Coll. (92/42/EEC)
pressure equipment (PED) 219/2016 Coll. (2014/68/EU)
simple pressure vessels (SPVD) 119/2016 Coll. (2014/29/EU)
machinery (MD) 176/2008 Coll. (2006/42/EC)
toys (TOYS) 86/2011 Coll. (2009/48/EC)
products with relation to noise emission (NED) 9/2002 Coll. (2000/14/EC)
selected construction products 163/2002 Coll.
selected products 173/1997 Coll.
pressure equipment (PED) 219/2016 Coll. (2014/68/EU)
transportable pressure equipment (TPED) 208/2011 Sb. (2010/35/EU)
nuclear energy (selected equipment, their parts and materials) decree no. 358/2016 Coll.
transportable pressure equipment (TPED) 208/2011 Coll. (2010/35/EU)
Solid biofuels ENplus
machinery (MD) 176/2008 Coll. (2006/42/EC)
Certification of management systems
ISO 9001:2015 more within the CQS association
Verification of professional competence of personnel 
according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC17024:2013
certification of persons in the field of forklifts, assembly of screw connections and prevention of health and safety risks ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17024:2013
certification of quality management systems in the field of production and services (according to ČSN EN ISO 9001) ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17021-1:2016
certification of tangible products ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17065:2013
Professional trainings






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