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The EU is preparing a new machinery directive

The EU Council and the European Parliament are preparing a new Machinery Directive. This will soon replace the existing Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC), which aims to improve the level of safety of machinery for users and workers in Europe.

The new rules are to include requirements for the design, construction and testing of machinery, as well as requirements for the provision of information on machinery safety to users. For example, the forthcoming regulation implies the introduction of a mandatory third-party assessment of the risks arising from the use of so-called "risk groups" of machinery (6 categories of machinery).

The Regulation also balances the position of printed and electronic documentation. Digital manuals will become the standard, while printed manuals will be retained for customers who do not have access to a digital copy.

All requirements are currently in the consultation phase and the final form will be published in the coming months. As the coordinating Notified Person for the Czech Republic, we are monitoring developments regarding the new regulation and will keep you informed of anything relevant on our website and LinkedIn profile.


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