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SZU involved in creating the artworks


SZU is not involved only in creating the added value for manufacturing companies, but it can also help with the creation of works of art, as was the case of artist Samuel Srom who could – thanks to our shredding machine – bring his ideas to a suceessful fruition

More works by Samuel Srom can be seen on his website



by Samuel Srom

„Installation from the cycle named „MATERIALS“, which originated under the auspices of SZU, is a reflection of an autonomous concept of industrial forms and procedures applied to non-ferrous materials. Formally, the works are entirely tautological, although the status of art is imparted to the given works primarily by the installation´s forms. It is my understanding that objects can function autonomously in places where they are least expected (galleries, meadow etc.). In this sense, they tend to be lifted out of the everyday principles and may therefore lose the statute of mere means for the processing industry. Also, it is a certain fetishism between me and the material that comes from the very respect of mine towards the material itself. Set of three tested subjects named „ALMOST in BRASS, COPPER, and ALUMINUM“ comes from the very aesthetic value of these materials. This is a conceptually unloaded assemblage that merely reflects the necessary procedural methods as well it is self reflected thereby. The installation works with a proportionality, which defines the size itself. Furthermore, it also incorporates the tensile principle, which gets the polished material lustreless, thereby creating authentic structure and also reflecting literally the tension in this installation´s object.“



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