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Extension of SZÚ authorization by a series of EN 16510 standards

We announce that we are currently one of the first European laboratories authorized to issue test reports according to the EN 16510 standard. This happened after receiving a notification from the Office for Technical Standardization, Metrology and State Testing (ÚNMZ).

The notification concerns the following construction products:

ČSN EN 16510-2-1 Solid fuel household appliances - Part 2-1: Stove

ČSN EN 16510-2-2 Solid fuel household appliances - Part 2-2: Built-in appliances including fireplace inserts

ČSN EN 16510-2-3 Solid fuel household appliances - Part 2-3: Stoves

ČSN EN 16510-2-4 Solid fuel household appliances - Part 2-4: Domestic hot water boilers - Rated heat input up to 50 kW

ČSN EN 16510 -2-6 Mechanically using wood pellets powered by room heaters, built-in appliances and stoves

The EN 16510 series of standards replaces the standards ČSN EN 13240, ČSN EN 13229, ČSN EN 12815, ČSN EN 12809, ČSN EN 14785.

From November 9, 2025, the above must be construction products marked with CE on the basis of type tests in accordance with the applicable part of EN 16510.

These changes can be requested from our accredited laboratory, which is prepared for these technical and legislative changes.

For this update, the "transcript" of the original documentation can also be used previously measured data (test reports) if they meet certain criteria, such as:

For more information or to order certification according to EN 16510, do not hesitate to contact us.


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