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Commercial mission of SZU to Romanian Ploješt


On 21 – 23 May 2018, SZU participated in the commercial mission to Romania under the auspices of RCC Brno, led by the Deputy Mayor of Brno, Mr Jaroslav Kacer. The delegation visited Ploješt in the province of Prahova

SZU was represented by Michal Dvořáček, Head of Foreign Cooperation, and by Maxim EMIL, the SZU agent in Romania, due to whose efforts the number of Romanian contracts in various sectors has increased and the offer of the SZU services in the territory has intensified.

The key point of the commercial forum held at the premises of the Chamber of Commerce in Ploješt were bilateral meetings with Romanian manufacturers and customers, during which it was to advantage that the negotiations could be conducted in Romanian.


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