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Customs union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan)

On 15th February 2013, a new system for certification of products came into force in the Customs Union, comprising Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. A series of new Customs Union technical regulations (reglements) is now in force, which means that the product certification shall be now conducted in accordance with the Customs Union regulations in all these countries.

The manufacturers may mark the products declared or certified according to technical regulations of Customs Union (TR CU)/reglements of Tamozhennogo soyuza (TR TS) with an EAC logo of conformity either on packaging or in the accompanying documentation. ( The EAC marking is an equivalent to the CE mark of the European Union.

The documents you have to submit to be able to export your products to the abovementioned countries fall into two groups:

The duty of certification/registered declaration depends on the type of the product and on the intended purpose. It is possible to identify whether the products are subject to non-compulsory or compulsory certification or compulsory declaration from the number of the customs tariff (HS code), as well as from the classification code list (OKP) valid for the Customs Union.

To obtain the required documents, the following information has to be submitted to the certification body:

The above required information must be submitted in Russian (in some cases also in English) language.

Assessment is conducted according to individual conformity procedures (modules), starting with a type testing and up to assessment of a quality management system. In the case of series production, the validity of issued certificates or declarations is up to 5 years. However, it is possible to perform certification of a product supplied on the basis of one contract or project. In addition, some of the modules set down additional annual audits at the manufacturer's plant.

Registered declaration of conformity is issued on a uniform form. After having the serial number allocated, it has to be entered in a unified register of certificates of conformity and registered declarations of conformity.

Registration of declarations of conformity is done by the certification bodies included in a unified register of certification bodies and test laboratories (centres) of Customs Union, or by the competent bodies of the Customs Union member states.

The Certificate / Declaration has to be issued to a Customs Union entity. For issuance of Declaration, it is necessary to submit data on the contract of representation or on the contract of purchase concluded.

SZU, as your reliable and experienced partner in area of certification, can obtain for you (in cooperation with its partners from the Customs Union and Ukraine) the aforementioned documents in short time and for a favourable price.

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